Papaver Rhoeas by Paddy Hartley

Programme for London LASER 12 announced

London LASER 12

Tuesday 17 November 2015

6.30 – 9.00pm (registration/drinks from 6pm)

University of Westminster, Fyvie Hall,

309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW


London LASER presents collaborators from Silent Signal, a project that brings together six artists and six scientists to create experimental animations that immerse the viewer in the networked worlds of organic communication, and Paddy Hartley presents his new work, Papaver Rhoeas, exhibiting across London venues throughout November.


The event is free but please book:


Bentley Crudgington, scientific advisor on Silent Signal, will introduce the central themes running through the project. Eric Schockmel will discuss his collaboration with immunologist Dr Megan MacLeod, Immunecraft; a fictional game which gives users agency over a real life cell culture to compete against opponent players, and explores the parallels between popular gameplay mechanics and human immunity in the age of DNA building blocks, printable organic electronics and biohacking, raising questions about bioethics. boredomresearch (Vicky Isley & Paul Smith) in discussion with Dr Paddy Brock, mathematical modeller at the University of Glasgow, will present their research from AfterGlow, a collaborative project combining a contemporary artistic use of computer simulation with current research from ecology and epidemiology. This talk considers the importance of abstraction in both art and science and the potential for artistic expressions to extend current scientific representation. Silent Signal is Wellcome Trust funded and produced and curated by Animate Projects. @AnimateProjects


Bentley Crudgington, project scientific advisor, is a biomedical scientist currently working in veterinary virology focusing on engineering viruses to manipulate the host immune system into fighting other more deadly pathogens. @Incidentallyb

Eric Schockmel is a London based moving image artist and director from Luxembourg. His work spans a personal practice and commissions, as well as freelancing in the creative industries. He creates expressive artworks for digital and physical environments. @Schockmel

boredomresearch are fascinated by the mechanics of the natural world and are internationally renowned for creating artworks which explore extended time periods; exhibiting their work widely in Europe, America & Asia. @boredomresearch

Paddy Brock trained as a field biologist with interests in animal behaviour, evolution and ecology. His current research, at the Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine applies quantitative approaches to investigate disease transmission. @PaddyBrock


Paddy Hartley will present his new work, Papaver Rhoeas, lambs-heart biotissue Poppy sculptures which are exhibiting across 10 London cultural venues throughout November 2015. Produced in collaboration with Dr Ian Thompson, Professor Malcolm Logan (King’s College London) and Mr William Edwards, Curator of the Gordon Museum of Pathology, Paddy will discuss the inspiration prompting the creation of the work, the process arrived at to facilitate the preservation and ‘vanishing’ of the work and the cultural phenomenon of remembrance. ‪@patrickihartley


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