Programme for London LASER 06, 18 November, Central Saint Martins

London LASER 06
Tuesday 18 November 2014
7.00 – 9.00pm (registration from 6.30pm)
D115/117, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, 1 Granary Square,
Kings Cross, London

The sixth London LASER evening of talks at the intersection of art and science hosts microbiologist Joanna Verran talking about interdisciplinary collaborations, artist Jennifer Crouch on the abstraction and representation of knowledge, and a self-organising open discussion on cross-disciplinary ‘Transactions’ led by Heather Barnett, artist/educator and London LASER Chair.

The event is free but booking is essential:

Joanna Verran is Professor of Microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research focuses on the interactions occurring between microorganisms and inert surfaces. This interdisciplinary work highlighted differences in language and understanding between researchers in different subjects, and encouraged Jo to explore how microbiology and microorganisms are used in their work by colleagues and students from the Manchester School of Art. Jo also encouraged her undergraduate science students to utilise their own creative talents, using arts and the humanities as a vehicle for their own ‘microbiology messages’. Jo’s presentation will describe her learning journey through these various collaborations. @JoVerran

Jennifer Crouch presents ‘A Commentary on Illustrated Models of the Cosmos and the Metaphorisation of Nature’. Having studied Physics and Illustration separately at university Jennifer works as a practicing artist, arts educator and workshop provider. She is a member of the Jiggling Atoms project, a multi-disciplinary project exploring the wonders of physics. Jennifer will talk about representation and abstraction in the process of knowledge creation, i.e. mathematics, simulations, experiments and of the subsequent forms that we use to describe discoveries in turn (from mathematics to metaphors), fostering relationships between the extraordinary cosmology (science) and cosmologies (mythological) that humans think up by virtue of the fact that there is structure as well as mystery and ambiguity in the universe.,

London LASER Chair, Heather Barnett, will lead a self-organising discussion forum on cross-disciplinary ‘Transactions’, stimulated by questions raised by the audience (attendees will be invited to pose questions for discussion prior to the event). The aim of the discussion will be to tease out individual and collective experiences and ‘value’ of working outside of disciplinary bounds. @HeatherABarnett

Please note this event starts slightly later than usual. Registration will be open from 6.30pm, starting at 7pm.

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