Poem inspired by London LASER #26 Re:Thinking Space

An offering of poetry from one of our regular London LASER attendees, Paul Taylor, inspired by LL#26 Re:Thinking Space.

Videos of the talks can be viewed on the London LASER Archive with physicists Dr. Ceri Brenner and Dr. Cham Ghag, artist Susan Ayre and cosmologist Dr. Thomas Kitching compered by the Arts Catalysts’ Nicola Triscott.



(Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous)


gazing down from the third floor

into the college atrium

thinking about space thinking

I wonder if I’ve got it


in any sense


an escaped ping pong ball

bolts across the ground floor

followed by the much larger blob

of a man in need of the exercise


at the art science meeting

we have been measuring

the arcs of darkness

poking laser beams


through honeycombs of titanium

trying to get a peep

out of a bucket of xenon

awaiting the arrival


of a quantum sensor bit flip


down below

the same particle

an arc of lightness

pings again into view

the same man in pursuit

wondering if he’ll get it

and I offer a toast

trying to get a buzz

out of a glass of wine

chasing metaphors through space

like a man in need of the exercise.


© Paul Taylor 2018



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