Join us for London LASER LL24 Lab #1 exploring ‘Virtual Imaginaries’

Join us Thursday 26th April 2018, Central Saint Martins, for London LASER LL24 Lab #1 exploring ‘Virtual Imaginaries’ – an expansive theme exploring the neurological, psychological and social implications of immersive technologies and the creative possibilities for interactive imaginary.

Part 1 Virtual Imaginaries Playlab: 5.00pm – 6.30pm
Join us in the Playlab to get hands on with ‘virtual’ experiences in broad and surprising forms

Part 2 Virtual Imaginaries Talks: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Join us for stimulating talks by interdisciplinary luminaries in the field, followed by drinks and time to network.

You are invited to join us for one or both parts.
Each part requires a separate ticket.
The event is free but booking is required.


Part 1: Joining us in the Virtual Imaginaries Playlab…

See and feel the unknown with Dark Matter VR by Bushra Burge 
Bushra Burge creates multi-sensory, wearable experiences. Come and experience a ‘virtual unreality’ with Dark Matter VR, “The thing about reality is that it’s part interpretation and part physics and mostly unmeasurable. We can only observe about 5% and the rest we name Dark Matter and Dark Energy.”

Experience digital evolution in action with William Latham 
Artist William Latham alongside mathematicians Stephen Todd and Lance Putnam present Mutator VR, a project with roots in the late 1980s where Latham and Todd first developed Mutator and FormGrow to evolve organic forms by a process of evolution by aesthetics.

Image courtesy Bushra Burge, Dark Matter VR

Contribute to a participatory artwork with Olga Suchanova

MA Art and Science Postgraduate researcher Olga Suchanova’s practice has evolved from analogue photography to digital media exploring three dimensional images as a means of going “beyond” the two dimensional picture plane. Contribute to a collective, procedurally generated world using pre-digital materials.

See the world through the eyes of an Egyptian god with Nye Thompson 
Nye will be showing work in progress from her new project. “The Seeker” is an AI that travels the world virtually and describes the things it sees. Named for Ptah-Seker, the artist/technologist god of the Ancient Egyptians who created the world by speaking the words to describe it, this project is an exploration of the nascent machine gaze. It asks how this act of description might change the world for machines and humans alike.

Image courtesy Nye Thompson

Part 2: Joining us for Virtual Imaginaries Talks…

Adam Kampff, scientist at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre will share an intimate insight into his research surrounding how the brain makes sense of information, our current relationships with technology – what we know and what is still to find out…

Dr Dylan Yamada-Rice is Research Manager at kids entertainment brand Dubit and a Senior Tutor at the RCA. Her research interests include digital play and multimodal communication practices. She will share details of the MakEY project that looks at how makerspaces can provide opportunities for children to create in Virtual Reality (VR).

Computer artist, game designer, known internationally for his pioneering Organic Art, Professor William Latham will take us on a journey through procedurally-generated worlds exploring future reality as well as possible applications for this radical technology.

Compered by novelist, science writer and Arts Editor of New Scientist, Simon Ings.

Image courtesy William Latham


This is the first of three London LASER Labs sessions planned for 2018.
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About London LASER Labs 
Throughout 2018 London LASER is operating as London LASER Labs – a student-led takeover, exploring themes at the intersection of art and science through evenings of interactivity, talks and discussion.

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