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2018: In brief…

For 2018, London LASER runs as London LASER Labs – a student-led take over, exploring themes at the intersection of art and science through an evening of interactivity, talks and discussion. LASER Labs are supported by UAL Teaching and Learning Fund for staff/student collaboration and digital learning and is organised by MA Art and Science postgraduate students at Central Saint Martins with support from Heather Barnett.

London LASER 26: exploring ‘Re:Thinking Space’ with Ceri Brenner and Cham Ghag, artist Susan Ayre and cosmologist Thomas Kitching compered by the Arts Catalysts’ Nicola Triscott, plus Playlab

London LASER 25: exploring ‘Liminal Bodies’ with Tobias Revell, Silvia Casini, and Stephen Oram, plus BioBento in the Playlab

London LASER 24: exploring ‘Virtual Imaginaries’ with Adam Kampff, Dylan Yamada-Rice, and William Latham, plus Playlab

2017: In brief…

London LASER 23: with Charissa Terranova, Andrew Carnie and Alexa Wright, and Gemma Anderson.

London LASER 22: on Biodesign Challenge with Carole Collet and presentations from award winners and participating students.

London LASER 21: with Astrid Alben, Annie Cattrell and Marius Kwint, and Mellissa Fisher and Mark Clements.

London LASER 20: in collaboration with Arts Catalyst, an evening on ‘Man Made Clouds’, with artists Hehe (Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen) and writer Malcolm Miles.

London LASER 19: in collaboration with CLOT magazine, an evening on ‘Interspecies Creativity’ with artist Kuai Shen, composer Eduardo R. Miranda and designer Veronica Ranner.

2016: In brief…

London LASER 18: with Simeon Nelson and Simon Walker-Samuel, Rob la Frenais and Alex May

London LASER 17: with Richard Bright and Elena Cologni

London LASER 16: with Andy Lomas, Louise Mackenzie and Bhavani Esapathi

London LASER 15: with Brett Wilson, Meritxell Rosell & Lula Criado (CLOT Magazine), and Louise Beer & Melanie King

London LASER 14: All About Imaging, with Lindsay MacDonald / Emilia Moisio / Jeff Ferguson

London LASER 13: Astronauts of Inner Space, with Bronaċ Ferran / David Luke / Luciana Haill / Wai H. Tsang

2015: In brief…

London LASER 12: Silent Signal project (Bentley Crudgington / Eric Schockmel / boredomresearch (Vicky Isley & Paul Smith) / Paddy Brock) and Paddy Hartley

London LASER 11: Regine Rapp and Christian de Lutz (Art Laboratory Berlin), and J.J. Hastings

London LASER 10: Christina Fuentes Tibbitt / Joey O’Gorman / Béa Kayani / John Smith / Veronica Ranner / Crow Dillon-Parkin

London LASER 09: Iain Biggs / Shelley James / Helen Pynor / Simon Read / Brett Wilson, guest chaired by Barbara Hawkins.

London LASER 08: Anna Dumitriu / Nicola Triscott / Ideographic

London LASER 07: Timothy J Senior / Paul Friedlander, guest chaired by Laura Plana Gracia. 

2014: In brief…

London LASER 06: Joanna Verran / Jennifer Crouch 

London LASER 05: Anaïs Tondeur and Jean-Marc Chomaz Sally Annett Liane Fredericks.

London LASER 04: Rob La Frenais in conversation with Los Ferronautas / Cristina Miranda de Almeida / Chris Freemantle

London LASER 03: Alice Ladenburg and Iain Woodhouse  / Michelle Lewis-King  / Samantha Moore 

London LASER 02: Rob Kesseler / Jasia Reichardt / Sophia Kosmaoglou

London LASER 01: Daniel Glaser / Nicola Triscott / David Finnigan